Home Loan Pre-approval

Buying a home is dream come true for most of us. For a majority of people, the first thing that comes to mind

Loan against Car

If suddenly there is a need for money and you do not know any other way, then you can take a loan against your car

Reduce home loan interest rate

The Reserve Bank has increased the repo rate by 0.90% in the last two months

Process of Registry

Whenever we buy a property, such as a plot, flat or duplex, it is most important to get it registered.

Tax on Property- Stamp duty

When there is a purchase, sale or transfer between two parties regarding an immovable property

Keep these rules in mind while buying a flat…

The right to demand money back if the project is delayed by builder..

Refuge Area

If you are buying a house in a high rise building then check the refuge area

Flat Area

While buying a flat, You must check the mentioned areas.

Plot & Home Loan

Know the difference between plot and home loan,

Circle Rates

Before buying any Real Estate property, first see the circle rate of the area

Avoid becoming a loan guarantor

As much as possible, avoid becoming someone's loan guarantor

Future Planning

8 suburban’s areas in city are under preparation, creating hope for the better returns

Power of Attorney

Power of Attorney only transfers rights, it does not give ownership

Utility - check chain of title before giving token money

Fix terms and conditions

Do Your Homework before Buying Property Online

The internet phenomenon is resulting into shifting of buyers

Difference between Flat and Apartment

Living in high rises in the middle of a fast-paced city

Difference between “Title” & “Deed”?

Title refers to ownership – could be a title for a position or a title