Circle Rates

Before buying any Real Estate property, first see the circle rate of the area, every year there is a change in circle rate after the government survey.

In any city, the local administration imposes a fixed tax, stamp duty, on the purchase and sale of property. The standard price on which such tax is levied is called circle rate. Circle rate in Madhya Pradesh is also known as collector guideline.
The market price of land varies in different areas of a city. Similarly, the circle rate also varies from one area to another. There will be no registry in the purchase or in sale of property at a price below the circle rate.

Connection between circle rate and market rate:

The market value of the property has a direct bearing on the circle rate of the area. The government conducts survey every year and changes the circle rate on this basis. If the market rate of an area is less than the circle rate, then the tax has to be paid at the circle rate.

How to check the circle rate of different areas of the city:

  • Visit, click on the fourth option “Guideline Rate” on the right side.
  • The final guideline from 2015 to 2022-23 has been given on the new page. Click on Guidelines 2022 -23.
  • Icons will appear with the name of each district of Madhya Pradesh. Click on Bhopal. A new window of Circle Rate (Guideline Rate) will open.
  • The circle rate fixed by the government for each area of the city can be seen in the PDF file. You can also download the file

What factors affect the circle rate:

  • Effect of market value - The market value of the property affects the circle rate, where the market price of the land is high, the circle rate is also high.
  • Where is the land - The area also makes a difference on the circle rate. Circle rates are higher in posh areas of the city.
  • Land use - Circle rates for commercial properties in a city are usually higher than those for residential.
  • Amenities in the area - Good connectivity, transportation, facilities like hospitals, schools, shopping centers, gyms and parks make an impact.