Flat Area

While buying a flat, You must check the mentioned areas.
What is the difference between built-up area and carpet area ?
You can check the area as mention below

While buying a flat in a multi-storey building, the most important question that emerges is how big is the house? How much space will be there in the flats?
You must have often heard about Carpet area, built up area and super built up area while buying a flat. Even though they sound similar but there is a lot of difference between them.
On which of the three mention areas the builder sells the flat due to which it also affects the price of the flat.
How much space will be available to be used in the flat, it depends upon below definitions.

Carpet area as per RERA:

According to RERA, the entire area enclosed by the outer wall of a flat is the carpet area. It also includes a staircase and a balcony inside the house. However, builders often do not specify the carpet area. But buyer can ask carpet area from builder.


By adding the bedroom, living room, kitchen and toilet area and subtract the thickness of the outer walls from it.

  • Under Section 4 (h) (2), the builder is required to declare the carpet area at the time of registration with RERA.
  • Under Section 80, if the builder gives wrong information regarding the carpet area, then he may have to pay a fine of up to 5 percent of the cost of that project.
  • Under Section 14, if the builder changes the layout of the project, then it is necessary to take the permission of the buyer first.

Built Up Area :

Built up area is the sum of the carpet area and the width of the outer walls of the flat. Apart from this, common areas like dry balcony and terrace are also included in this.

Super Built Sub Area :

Carpet area, terrace, balcony, wall and common area which includes areas like staircase, lift, gym, lobby, park, swimming pool, temple etc.