Power of Attorney

Power of Attorney only transfers rights, it does not give ownership

Power of attorney revoked on death of property owner

Power of Attorney is a legal document. Through this, a person can assign all the rights regarding his property to another person or organization in his absence. Those people who are living outside the country or in case of medical emergency are not in a position to do anything on their own, thus then they use Power of Attorney. However, property purchase should never be done only on the power of attorney document. The use of this document is also seen in the case of fraud. Keep in mind that only property rights are transferred through power of attorney. This does not give ownership rights.

Benefit of transfer till the life of the owner

Suppose the person who has transferred the rights of his property dies. In this case the power of attorney will be automatically cancelled. In this situation, the close relatives of the owner of the property can present their claim on it.